Monday, August 20, 2012

NewSea-Swan-f Retextured by Moka [Download link fixed]

Hello people ! It's been a long time since I didn't share something ! Today I'm back with my first NewSea retexture. It's Swan hair. As you can see, I did something a bit different for the photoshot.
The weather is currently very hot in France (40°C in my city today !) therefore, my PC had some overheating issues. Because of that, the graphics aren't good as usual.

ALL credits comes to NewSea and Anubis under the sun (for the color map).
You can't have several versions of  this hair in your game ! You can only have one !

Do not upload it on the exchange or upload to a paysite!


  1. I can't download! but retexture is very sweetie.

    1. Thanks ! :) Oh thanks for reporting ! I fixe the link ! Now it's working ^^