Sunday, August 5, 2012

EA store : Hair retexture fN°3 ''Sunflower" (Zoe's Do)

(YEAH ! Blogger works fine again !)

Hello everybody ! Today I share with you my new retexture, ''Sunflower" (Zoe's Do). I hope you like it ! 
You can have EA and my version in your game at the same time. ALL credits come to EA and Anubis under the sun (for the color map).

Do not upload it on the exchange or upload to a paysite!

Some people seems to have some little troubles with my retextures. The eyes color change when they change the color of the hair:
-Delete all the cache files before installing.  Help
-Make sure your game is up-to-date.

Tell me if the problem is still present. ^__^


  1. Great job i love store hairs but EA texture is not good at all I am glad you are retexturing them I am dowloading all your hairs

    Thank you :D

    1. I'm happy that you enjoy them ! Thanks !

  2. It's a beautiful re-texture! Question: Do we have to have EA's to have yours?

  3. Thank you very much ^-^
    Can't believe this is Store xD

  4. Oh thank you!! It's looks better than EA :D

  5. I love the hair, stunning! It's a shame though because you always give the models such good clothes, but I can never find them. :(

  6. @WhiteCrow : You're welcome ! Hair store have great mesh but awful texture... I hope EA will change that in the future.

    @JS sims 3: You're welcome and thanks !

    @Anonymous : Thanks ! In this photoshot, my models wear a outfit from Diesel stuff pack.
    For the ''pâquerettes des champs" photoshot they wear a dress from the store that I recolored (you can find it for free at sunset sims and you can find the motif at
    For the ''Real me'' photoshot they wear a dress from rusty nail.

  7. Salut Moka, tu fais vraiment du bon travail c'est très jolie *_* Bon j'ai une question assez bizarre mais où puis je trouver le haut de tes simsettes ? :D
    Bonne continuation :)
    Bisous :)

    1. OWI quelqu’un qui,parle français XD. Oh merci. Alors le haut est en fait une tenue du kit diesel.

    2. Ah d'accord, je n'ai pas le kit :( c'est pour sa que je ne trouvais pas ! Aha oui une française :p
      Bonne continuation :D

  8. Please keep redoing store hair--you're textures are 10000x better than EA's

  9. This is so cute! And again, soooo much better!