Friday, July 20, 2012

• Alien Female Sim.

For the beginning I want to share with you a little sim I created myself 2 month ago. Her name is BYA (Brainwashed Young Adult [Yes, because human stupidity washed her brain. loool hum]) Galaxy. She's half sims, half alien. She's naive and very impressive, but she's got a big heart and she's very clever. She's born on earth. She's on of the first good result of pollination.

Face : #1||#2||#3||#4||#5||#6||#7
Body : #1

Custom Content
 Skin||Hair||Eyelash||Eyelashmesh ||Eyeliner||Eyes ("Esciohmyeyescontacts")||Freckles1&Freckles 2||Lipstick||Top: Pets|| Jean: Don't remember|| Shoes Formal dress: TLS

PS: Thanks to all AMAZING CC creators